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Read Up:

At times like this, it can be hard to know if the information you hear is accurate. Read 10 Things You Should Know to see how the facts stack up to what you may have heard.


After you read 10 Things You Should Know, review Rutherford County’s plan for moving the management of mental health, substance use and intellectual and developmental disabilities services from Vaya Health to another organization.


Speak Up

Public comment is a critical part of the process. Rutherford County Commissioners must accept comments and feedback about their proposed decision to leave Vaya Health. It’s important to share your feedback!


Read Vaya Health’s Response


Share your comments and concerns with the Secretary of the NC Department of Health and Human Services. The Secretary makes the final decision about whether to approve the County’s request to leave Vaya Health. Under the law, the Secretary must consider public comments. Your voice matters!


Send your comments by email to the Secretary’s designee ( or by mail to:

Dr. Mandy Cohen

NC DHHS Secretary

101 Blair Drive
Raleigh, NC 27603


Share this website with others who want to ensure Rutherford County continues to receive the best management of Medicaid and other publicly funded behavioral health services.