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More than 4,300 men, women and children in Rutherford County depend on public mental health, substance use and intellectual and developmental disabilities services offered through Vaya Health’s network of providers. If the Commissioners’ decision is approved by the Secretary, it is possible that their services or providers may change.


Some of Vaya’s providers that currently work with Rutherford County residents are not in Partners’ network. Vaya also works with select providers to offer highly specialized services for urgent needs in the county. Some of those services are not in Partners’ current service array. Loss of these services poses significant risk to the health and wellbeing of the county’s most vulnerable residents.


Care coordination is another important aspect of Vaya’s work in Rutherford County. Vaya employs care coordinators who work with 634 individuals with mental health, substance use disorder and/or intellectual and developmental disabilities needs. Care coordinators help ensure individuals receive the correct health assessments, treatment planning and support services to meet their unique needs. They work locally with the individuals, their services providers and community partners, developing strong relationships built on trust and professionalism. If the Commissioners’ decision is approved by the Secretary, Vaya’s care coordinators will no longer be able to work with the individuals and families who rely on them to help navigate the system and ensure their needs are met. Being reassigned to a different care coordinator or losing the service altogether could be traumatizing for a member, causing setbacks in recovery or treatment.


Vaya Health’s roots run deep in Rutherford County. Vaya partners with county government agencies like EMS, DSS, the Health Department and local law enforcement, as well as area nonprofits and community organizations to improve the quality of life for those who call Rutherford County home. These collaborative partnerships help ensure residents have access to quality care and bring us all one step closer to a healthier Rutherford County.